How This Health Insurance Startup Found Its Light Bulb Idea

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner, MaRS Discovery District talks with Mike Serbinis, the CEO of League, a digital health benefits startup, which offers an easy way for people to discover healthcare professionals and schedule appointments.

For the CEO, there was not always a clear playbook for success; instead Serbinis emphasizes simply trying your best.

In the words of Serbinis, the light bulb moment came when one of their clients' employees pointed out what a great benefit it would be to have an app that covers benefits and insurance -- two areas notoriously unorganized and difficult for employees to understand.

From there, the team focused on becoming more innovative and researching the potential of this "smart idea." So, like Serbinis and the League, if you stumble upon your light bulb idea, don't be afraid to run with it.

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