Insert the values ​​of two separate tables into the mysql tab...

Suppose I have two different arrays.

Emails = ["[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]"]

Names = ["Name Surname", "Name1, Surname1", "Name2, Surname2"]

And I have a mysql-table called Contacts, which I want to insert each of the values into rows called Emails and Names. Each name and email should be inserted at their according indexes. So Emails[0] should be inserted along with Names[0], Emails[1] with Names[1] etc.

If there was only one array. I could do something like

sql = "INSERT INTO Contacts (email)  VALUES  ('#{email}')
Emails.each do |email|  email = email.sql  end

but now I have two arrays and I need to put them so that each email is associated according to the correct name. How do I do this?

Use zip :

con.prepare "INSERT INTO Contacts(email, name) VALUES(?, ?)" do |email,name|
   #insert into db
   con.execute(email,name) #assuming **con** is your connection object