SharesPost Research: Global Ride-Sharing Bookings to Double in Next Three Years to $400 Billion

Uber, Lyft Execute Different Growth Strategies From DiDi, Ola,
Grab, and Careem

SharesPost Research: Global Ride-Sharing Bookings to Double in Next Three Years to 0 Billion
SharesPost Research: Global Ride-Sharing Bookings to Double in Next Three Years to 0 Billion

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Annual gross bookings for the world’s major ride-sharing companies will

double to $400 billion by 2021, powered by triple-digit growth in Asia

and declining car ownership by Millennials, according to new research

from SharesPost.

In 2018, an estimated 800 million to 850 million users were spending an

average $20 to $25 per month on ride-sharing apps, generating annual

gross bookings of $175 billion to $225 billion. Over the next three

years, ridership will grow 50 percent and gross bookings are expected to

double to over $400 billion, based on SharesPost’s forecast.

The dynamic growth of ride-sharing is due to increasing smartphone usage

globally, a preference by Millennials to abandon car ownership and

strong adoption in regions with large urban populations, particularly in

India and China.

Lyft’s planned IPO, announced this week, is also likely to accelerate

the IPO timeline for other ride-sharing firms.

“Lyft’s planned IPO will be closely watched by other ride-sharing

companies as institutional investors get a first look at the numbers

behind the fundamental value proposition of ride-sharing apps,” said

Managing Director


, Head of Research for SharesPost, Inc. “Ride-sharing apps

work best in high-density areas with lots of drivers and riders – the

classic network effect. The Asia-Pacific region is home to the most

metro areas with populations over 10 million. At the same time, the

allure of car ownership is fading among Millennials, the world’s largest

demographic. All of this, along with continued venture capital

investment, will drive the growth of the category for the foreseeable


The 25-page report highlights the growth prospects for the major

ride-sharing companies – Uber, Lyft, Ola, DiDi, Careem, and Grab – and

estimates each company’s enterprise value. The analysis also highlights

the unique approach that Asian companies are pursuing by offering

ride-sharing in a “super app” that includes a supermarket of consumer

services in addition to transportation.

The report predicts that Asian ride-sharing firms will continue to grow

much faster in the medium term. However, American rideshare companies

still benefit from higher valuations relative to growth and scale than

Asian counterparts.

“Our analysis suggests that investors are discounting Asian ride-sharing

firms compared to American companies,” Kulkarni said. “DiDi has a larger

footprint in terms of drivers and has raised a similar amount of capital

as Uber, but investors value DiDi less, even though the company has more

room to grow. Similarly, Lyft has a smaller base of drivers and fewer

rides completed till date as compared to Grab, but enjoys a higher


Today, the three largest Asian companies currently account for 40

million rides a day. DiDi alone will likely surpass 20 billion rides

annually by the end of 2018, more than double Uber’s ridership and 20

times more than Lyft’s. The Asia-Pacific region also has more

Millennials than North America and Europe combined. India, which is

expected to see the most growth in riding-sharing, boasts the largest

Millennial population in these countries, the report noted.

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SharesPost Research: Global Ride-Sharing Bookings to Double in Next Three Years to 0 Billion
SharesPost Research: Global Ride-Sharing Bookings to Double in Next Three Years to 0 Billion

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