Bhishan Bhandari: How to recover lenovo ideatab A1000-F after multiple incorrect pattern at...

By the end of this read you will be able to recover your lenovo tablet that has been locked due to multiple incorrect pattern attempts.

Starting quickly, follow the steps below.

Recover lenovo tablet after several incorrect pattern attempts

Before beginning , make sure you have enough battery to start the process.

1. Press the volume up key that is present on the right side of your tablet while holding it with screen facing towards you. Immediately press the power on/off button that is present on the top edge of your tablet.

2. If you performed step one well, your tablet should power on. At this point you get to a list of menu with several options instead of the regular startup screen.

3. On the list you get an option of Wipe user data/factory reset. Use your tablet’s volume down button to walk through the menu/options. When on wipe user data/factory reset option, use your tablet’s volume up button to select the option.

4. Now you will be taken to another list of menu/option. Here you will see a big list of options where several options says NO. Only one of the option/menu is YES. Similar to step 3, use your tablet’s volume down button to walk through the list. When on YES option, use your tablet’s volume up button to select the option.

5. Finally you get a list of menu for the last time. This time amongst several options, you have an option reading reboot now. Use your tablet’s volume up button to select this option. On doing so the settings you choose earlier gets saved and all the user data including lock pattern get wiped out. You might have to wait for around a minute for the device to startup correctly. Initially you will see a black screen with lenovo at the middle for a while. Wait until it starts correctly. You need a little more patience.

When the device has started up correctly, you will be prompted for license agreement and wifi settings, etc. Walk through these steps which are easy and you will finally be able to open your tablet with a swipe. I hope this helped. Thanks for reading



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